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Terminating a committee

December 17, 2018

To close down committee operations, a committee must file a termination report. To file a termination report, a committee must:

  • no longer receive (or intend to receive) contributions; and
  • no longer make (or intend to make) expenditures.

A termination report must include the following information:

  • All receipts and disbursements not previously reported—this includes accounting of any debt retirement.
  • How the committee will use any remaining committee funds and assets.

After filing a termination report, a committee is still responsible for filing any regularly scheduled reports that may come due until the Commission notifies it in writing that it has granted the request to terminate. However, if a committee is involved in an FEC enforcement action, audit or litigation, it cannot terminate until the matter is resolved.

For more information on filing termination reports, please consult our terminating a committee web page.