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Registering as a nonconnected PAC

A nonconnected committee must register within 10 days of raising or spending more than $1,000 in contributions or expenditures during a calendar year. Register by filing a Statement of Organization (Form 1) with the FEC. The Statement of Organization collects some basic information, including the nonconnected committee's full name, address and treasurer.

If information disclosed on the Statement of Organization ever changes, the nonconnected committee must report that change within 10 days. Do this by filing an amended Statement of Organization. If the nonconnected committee isn’t an electronic filer, update your Statement of Organization by letter.

The Statement of Organization is available in the following options:

Read step-by-step Form 1 instructions.

Additional filing required for Super PACs and Hybrid PACs

If you are using a paper form to register a Super PAC or Hybrid PAC, include with Form 1 the appropriate Commission-approved form letter:

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